Digging deeper, Poetry

Soil Surrender

It seemed like rich, soft soil

in this heart I carried ‘round

But when the Gardener’s spade hit,

He struck a hardened ground.

He continued to throw his shovel

breaking chunks off with each blow

Unsatisfied He was 

with leaving this plot so shallow.

The pain spurred tears of anger,

of grief, embarrassment

Then new drops of humility

finally were spent.

The Gardener didn’t mind the water,

in fact he used its spray

The tears provided softness

to the hardened dirt and clay.

The Gardener kept on digging

deep and wider than before

Good plans he’d made for this claimed lot

much harvest was in store.

He encountered rocks and weeds

that had settled in their place

But lovingly he pulled each up

to clear a fertile space

They kept his seeds from going deep

whose roots they must run wild

He tugged each weed up by the root,

untainting soil defiled.


I could resist my Gardener,

withhold my tears in pride

Or cling to rocks and all the weeds

I try so hard to hide

I could focus on my neighbor’s soil

and keep a detailed list

Maybe point out to the Gardener

their rough spots that he missed

But if I trust his work in me

I’ll focus on my own

I’ll let the tears pour softly down

Let him expose each stone

For all of us have rocky spots

Eve’s daughters and her sons

Let him who doesn’t cast the first

at us, the sinful ones


The Gardener’s hand is full of seeds

he gently tosses down

Like pebbles on the earth 

that will emerge as jewels in crowns

There will be seasons of waiting,

of pruning and more rain

But good crops are beginning

with deep roots that will sustain

The Gardener smiles at his work,

His promises fulfilled

He just needed unkempt soil

that was willing to be tilled.


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